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Sunday, July 8, 2012

***Browsing Secured Using CGI Proxy***

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  • Thursday, February 9, 2012

    ***Antivirus & Python***

    **Did you know that i don't have antivirus installed on my phone? **Antivirus are medicine to your cellphone. **Did you know that i have been using my cellphone up to three(4) months and still running smoothly.. **Did you know that Antivirus Scans your phone for errors and bugs not compactible with your phone.? **Then if you have a software that fix bug and scan your phone for errors what be the need for antivirus? **Antivirus installed on some phones, may crash the cellphone, shared from a friend experience. **Your cellphone is better off than with antivirus, **I prefer using python application to remove dirt and errors from my cellphone, **Python programs are commonly used these days than antivirus, **With python pack installed on your phone and this software running, your cellphone is 92% secured than the use of antivirus. **Antivirus are mean't for cellphone with old firmwares, (i.e) when i first used N72. The image quality of that phone was superb, though it was an old phone, i did't used antivirus till i sold it off. *** Integrated Antivirus had not yet been design, for why would you installed kapersky, and it would detect symbian skull-b after scanning, uninstalled it and installed Netquin, after scanning it would detect common warrior.. ** Many variation in antivirus, thank God for python Apps. *** Cellphone is Secured without Antivirus ***

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    ***Good Night Sms...***

    "Say Goodnight" to your loved ones and friends by sending these really good Good Night Messages. Lovely Goodnight SMS*** Sending you MY BED 2 let you rest, Pillows 2 give you COMFORT, and MY BLANKET 2 keep you warm. Sweet dreams, Goodnite! Sleep tight. Sweet Goodnight SMS No matter if the sky is black or blue, No matter if there are stars or moon, As long as ur heart is true Sweet dreams will always be with u. **Good Night! Text Message Goognight SMS Greeting** Hi Moon! Dim Ur light. Hello Wind! Breeze Soft. Hi Flower! Blossom Slowly. Hello Earth! Spin Gently. Coz my friend is going to sleep. Good Night Late **Good Night Txt Msg** A late night greeting doesn't mean "GOOD NIGHT" It has a silent msg saying "u" r my last thought as night sets in... Have a nice sleep GOOD NIGHT. **SMS** Goodnight **Wishing the sweetest night to a sweet natured person. May u sleep n fall from the bed tonight, Then u will remember that u forgot to wish me Good Night! Love **Goodnight o dear, u r not near, but i can hear, don't get fear live with cheer no more tear u r always my dear. Good night. **Beautiful SMS Good Night Msg** What a pity! I’m not at your place! Miles separate me from you This night in my dreams I’ll see your face Good night, my angel, I hope you miss me too!** Beautiful SMS Good Night Msg** In this lovely night, I pray to the sweet moon to protect you through the night, The wind to blow away your worries, and, the twinkle stars to guide you the way, Sweet dreams and Good Night. **Friendship Goodnight SMS** The morning is just a few hours away. Go to sleep and when you wake up, remember me as a friend who is always there for you and never let you down. **Caring Goodnight SMS** Its onLy me putting a blanket on you, So, you wont feel cold, Have a lovely, Warmest, and , Peacefull Night, Sweet Dreams! **GoodNight SMS** As the moon winks in the night,Sweet dreams hugs you tight.Hope that your day was alright. And I wish you a heart full of "Good Night" **Good night** Ur SMILE is My Breakfast at Morning. Ur HAPPINESS is My Lunch at noon. Ur SMS is My Dinner at Night.So Don't Put Me on Fasting My Sweet Friend.Gud 9te. ** Good Night SMS **Sun is Upset Moon is Happy. U know Y? Bcoz Sun is missing U & Moon is going 2 be with U THe whole night. Sweet Good Night Msg A deep diver inhales a second before falling in the water, likewise a good sleep is neccessary for next day work. Have a good sleep. **Good night Text Message** Its so common hearing How r u? Wat r u doing? How was ur day? So let me ask u something different- Did u smile today? If not,do it now: Gud Nite.. **Good night** U can see many lips which smiles for U. but its difficult to get an eyes which cries only for U. ever U miss that lips but never miss that eyes: Have a nice sleep.. Good night **Nice night wish Touch ur heart.. Close ur eyes.. Make a wish.. Say good nite.. Sky so wide.. Stars so bright.. May u hav sweetst dream 2night.. Good Night .**Good Night I think ur beautiful Eyes r tired looking at dis world, let your Eyelashes hug each other 4 few hours.. Happy journey into d world of dreams..! Good night..!

    6Steps Of Faith

    6 Step to grow as a

    John1:14 God became
    flesh and died for Our sins.
    Did you come to the
    saviour because you had
    sinned and needed
    Did you "repent" (Say
    sorry and decide to turn
    away from yours Sin) and
    put your faith in Jesus?
    Are you convinced that He
    suffered and died on the
    cross and that He rose
    again three(3) days later?
    Are you willing to do the
    will of God as revealed
    through the Scripture
    (Matt 7: 21-27 , James 2:
    Step1: Communication
    Feed on the word daily.
    Each day, find somewhere
    quiet and thoroughly soak
    your soul in the word of
    Step2: Faith
    In a world where we are
    continually disappointed,
    we can totally rely on
    trust and count on His
    Step3: Envangelism
    We should share our faith
    with others whenever we
    can. The bible says that
    there are two(2) times we
    should do this.." In season
    and out of season" (2
    ) i.e At all
    Step4: Prayer
    As far as God is concerned,
    if you belong to Jesus, you
    are a VIP. You can boldly
    come before the throne of
    Grace (Hebrews4:16). You
    have access to the King
    because you are the Son/
    daughter of the King.
    Step5: Spiritual Warfare
    The way to overcome (i.e
    devil) and his demons
    with his lies is to make
    sure you are outfitted
    with the spiritual armour
    of God (listed in
    Ephesians6: 10-20 ).
    Become intimately
    familiar with it, sleep in it,
    Never take it off. Bind the
    two edged sword to your
    hand so that you never
    lose its grip.
    Step6: Fellowship
    Don't become a "spiritual
    butterfly." send your roots
    down. If you are moving
    from church to church,
    how will your pastor/
    minister know what type
    of food you are digesting?
    The Bible says that your
    shepherd will have to give
    an account to Him that
    has entrusted you to him
    (Hebrews13:17) so make
    yourself known to your
    pastor. Pray for him
    regularly. Pray also for His
    family & the elders
    (Ecclesiastic12: 13-14 ).
    " But as many as received
    Him. to them If gave the
    right to become
    Grow a christian Faith
    now and believing Our
    Lord Jesus Christ For a
    page to reach soul.
    For more Help and
    Inquires:: Send a mail
    page to reach soul.

    "We are all gifted. That
    is our inheritance."